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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Image Hosting & Photo Sharing, Gallery Hosted

GalleryHosted is a new website with powerful image sharing and hosting features. When I saw this website first, I liked it. Really I got impressed with mind blowing features. Basically GalleryHosted is an image hosting service and it is free, means you do not need to pay for it, and you can upload unlimited photos. It is not just a image hosting site but also you can share images on this website because it has a gallery feature that is very impressive.

Features: Online gallery: It has an online gallery with thumbnail preview while viewing gallery. Gallery has smart navigation for previous and next picture and the gallery is auto sizable to fit your screen. If you do not want to see a picture after seeing its preview you can skip easily. You can set thumbnail size 20 pixel to 300 pixel. You can upload JPG, GIF and PNG images. In more you can host ***** content too.

You can view grid view of a gallery.

Browse gallery without reloading.

You can see full page slide show like theater effect aka lights off.

Sharing Features:
You can share you gallery link with others, if you will not share it it will be only with you. Sharing feature for individual image or full gallery.

Bulk Upload pictures:
You can upload pictures in bulk, 300 picture at a time maximum. Each file should not be more than 10 MB

URL upload:
This feature is also very nice, you can upload picture in bulk via URL.

galleryhosted_url_uploadUnlimited uses option:
There is no bandwidth limit, no storage limit, no uploading limit. No time limit, your picture will be stored until you remove them or you go against their terms and conditions.

With or without signup:
To use this service you do not need to sign up but to track your galleries it is recommended.

See gallery example: